Hackademy is an intensive boot-camp and internship, organised by TWB, in the art and culture of Software Development in Sweden.

It introduces, mainly, newly arrived/refugee talent (Degree educated in a Software related field and fluent in English) to the skills, collaboration, processes and industry best practices expected in a Swedish software organisation.

Are you a Talent?

If you are a talented software developer in search for employment in Sweden, we encourage you to  apply (by sending your CV) for a seat on our next Hackademy. It is free!

Are you an Employer?

If you are an employer looking for talented software developers, we invite you to  contact us if you, and/or colleagues, would like to meet our participants. We do not charge nor take commissions when you find and recruit your next match!

Real, non-commercial & "do good" projects

Hackademy offers participants the opportunity to work on a real software project, with a real product owner, real expectations and hard deadlines.

However, we only choose projects that are non-commercial in nature and aim to bring about a positive social or enviromental impact.

Agile & Scrum methodolgy

From day 1, all our participants are introduced to the SCRUM methodology that will guide the pace of development of their software. From Sprint planning to retrospectives, passing by all intermediate stages, on a daily basis, repeated on every sprint.

We are proud to include some of Sweden's best SCRUM masters, coaches and certificate providers as our partners (You know who you are ;)

Team work and its dynamics

Participants experience first hand real-life team work and its dynamics. From formation to dissolution passing through the innevitable workplace-conflict stages.

Our partners put at our disposal expert coaches in this field.

Industry best practice

Participants are coached by some of the best practitioners in the region, introducing them to modern ways of working and industry best practice.

Networking & exposure to employers

Probably the greatest lack that newly arrived talents complain from is the inexistence of an efficient local professional network of which they are a part.

Therefore, we strive to expose our participants to employers and potential future colleagues through a series of initiatives and events.

Communication & Soft skills

Sharp programming skills are a must, but besides their beloved computers, developers work with fellow humans, making soft skills an utmost requirement at any workplace with more than 1 employee.


Talent without Borders is a non-profit organisation founded to help others. Therefore, our founders and board are engaged exclusively on a pro-bono basis. Hence, we are not looking for purely financial partners but rather engaged partners: Ones that are willing to take their corporate social responsibility with us by for example enabling their employees to volunteer with us, share their expertise with our talents, coach or mentor these in matters pertaining to qualified employment, invite the team for onsite visits and interviews, participate or facilitate our recruitment events.

Meet our amazing partners who made real and significant impact on the lives of talented newly arrived refugees.

Sony Mobile
Axis Communications
Avega Group
Consafge Logistics


These organisations helped us kick start our own. Thank you!

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